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New One-Trip 40'DV Shipping Container

  • Size: The container is 40 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8.5 feet high, providing a generous interior volume for cargo storage.
  • Material: It is constructed from sturdy and durable corrugated steel walls and a steel frame, capable of withstanding rough handling and protecting the cargo inside.
  • Doors: At one end of the container, there are double-wing cargo doors that swing outward and are secured by locking bars. These doors allow easy access to load and unload the cargo.
  • Floor: The interior floor is made of marine-grade plywood or bamboo flooring, designed to support heavy loads and resist moisture and pests.
  • Capacity: A standard 40-foot container has a capacity of approximately 2,390 cubic feet (67.7 cubic meters) and can hold up to 25 to 28 metric tons of cargo, depending on the specific model and regulations.
  • Types: There are various types of 40′ containers, such as dry containers for general cargo, refrigerated containers (reefers) for temperature-sensitive goods, and high cube containers with extra height for voluminous cargo.
  • Transportation: These containers are commonly used for shipping goods via cargo ships, and they are designed to be stackable on top of each other to optimize space on vessels. They can also be transported by rail, truck, and sometimes on cargo planes.
  • International Standards: The design and dimensions of the 40-foot shipping container conform to the standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This ensures compatibility and easy handling across different transportation methods and container terminals worldwide.
  • Versatility: 40-foot containers have become popular beyond just shipping; they are also used for various applications like on-site storage, modular buildings, and pop-up retail spaces due to their robustness and ease of transport.
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