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Discover optimal storage and utility solutions through our premium 20 and 40ft shipping containers. Whether your business or home requires swift storage, a new workspace, or recreational area, our durable and versatile new and used containers cater to your needs. Available in various sizes and configurations, backed by an efficient nationwide delivery service, our containers offer cost-effective reliability. Contact us now to find the perfect shipping container for your specific requirements.




New Containers

These pristine, brand-new containers that have only been used for a single shipment from our factories and then made available for your purchase. One-Trip Containers are in impeccable condition, will look very presentable on your property, and will provide you with decades of clean, secure space.

Used Containers

Our used containers have been used for cargo transport in a previous life. They become available for purchase at varying levels of age and condition. All containers undergo rigorous inspection at our container depots to ensure their wind and watertightness, fully operating doors, and solid floor sections.

Modified Containers

Both 20 and 40ft containers can be modified to suit your business or home project. These modifications range from the addition of access door and roller shutters, to windows and ventilation systems. Whether you require a standard modification or need to speak to one of our engineers to discuss a specific requirement, we’re here to help.

Container Depots in the U.S.

Delivering containers

124995 +
miles of road per month

Access to shipping container stocks

24900 +


Super box offers a range of compelling reasons for why customers should choose our services. Here’s a breakdown of the key advantages:

Competitive Pricing

Super Box offers competitive prices on high-quality containers, delivering optimal value for customers.

Quality/Condition of Containers

Super Box ensures top-notch quality and condition in both new and used containers, providing customers with durable and reliable units tailored to their requirements.

Best Delivery Service

Super Box prioritizes timely delivery of containers, recognizing the importance of swift access for industries reliant on shipping containers for logistics and storage.

Excellent Customer Service

Super Box prioritizes customer satisfaction with a dedicated team providing exceptional service, addressing inquiries, and assisting clients in the container acquisition process.

After Sales Assistance

Super Box extends after-sales assistance, ensuring customers can rely on their support for any post-purchase issues or additional services needed.

High Integrity Business Practices

Super Box upholds transparency and Super Box upholds transparency and honesty in their business ethics, providing upfront information to customers about pricing, container condition, and relevant details, fostering trust and building long-term relationships.


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